How to use remote desktop or vnc viewer through CC proxy

Dear sir,
I have a broadband connection that installed on server 2003. we have 90 computer in office they use internet thorugh proxy. I use cc proxy software. Proxy server is installed in server 2003 where broadband installed. Now i want to use remote desktop or vnc viewer on desktop pc where net is use through proxy. How can i use these services thorugh proxy.

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I am guessing that you want to connect to your 90 computers from the outside of your LAN, or in other words from the internet.

Problem is that your 2003 server has probably just one ip-adress, and then you can only have one remote connection open at the same time because all remote desktops wants to use port 3389.

There are workarounds to this problem.
1) you could forward new external ports (on your 2003 server) to forward to the  the remote connection port (3389) on each of the 90 computers.
<external server-ip>:13389 -> computer1:3389
<external server-ip>:13390 -> computer2:3389

So if your user then from the internet want to connect to computer2 he would enter the adress:
<external server-ip>:13390

2) If you have a specific service you want your users to use, then maybe it is easier to install the programs your users need directly at the 2003-server, and then let your users using remote desktop connection directly against your server. Each user will then get a desktop on your server and with normal access rights they will not be able to change (or even see) the admin stuff.

This second solution demands more licenses from Microsoft to work, but on the other hand you can have a lot of connections to your 2003 server without even open your proxy
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