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I have a couple applications running on a machine, 2K3 server that I would like to allow access to from the internal network.

For example, one app is at:  http://servername/APP/EN/Login.aspx
The other one is on the same server at http://servername/ODS/UI/Search.aspx

I want to add some more simple names into DNS like http://appone.company.com and http://apptwo.company.com that when type take the user to those actual URLs on the web server.

I tried virtual directorys, but it seems to just wind up at the default site of the server, not down to the specific directorys. TIA
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set the dns names (i.e. appone.company.com) to point to the IP address of the web server

create a new web site, and set ip address 'all unassigned' and host headers (e.g. appone.company.com) - set the root directory to anything you want, like "c:\temp" for example.

when the web site is created, rightclick then choose properties.  On the home directory tab, choose "redirect to another url" and enter the full url to the destination (e.g. http://servername/APP/EN/Login.aspx)

select "the exact url entered above" and "a permanent redirection"

ThePhreakshowAuthor Commented:
Sweet.... Worked like a charm.
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