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I have an Oracle 9i ( database running on a MS Windows Server 2003 server. I need to upgrade it to
I googled and found that there is patch 3095277 that should upgrade my database but it is available only to Metalink registered users. Is there any other location I can get this upgrade patch from?
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FayyazConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i see.
Metalink is the only source to get the latest patches officialy.
I don't think so, you must have a account to download it.
amosesAuthor Commented:
Am I on the right track to look for an upgrade patch or is there a complete install in version?
why you are specific to upgrade to is there any specific reason?
the lates release for 9i is , you can go for that
or you can try or even 11g,
amosesAuthor Commented:
I am installing a development databast and have to match the production server that runs on Oracle Therefore I am forced to stick to this version.
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