Backup Exec Error

we use BackupExec 11.d on servers with Win2003R2.
We have recieved an error but we cannot see anything in eventlog and we do not know why this occurs.
See the error:
Backup- \\MENPET-SVR-04\C: SystemSnapshot provider error (0x46B): A potential deadlock condition has been detected.
Check the Windows Event Viewer for details.
V-79-57344-37907 - Snapshot error during backup. Set has been canceled.
Verify- \\MENPET-SVR-04\C: SystemUnexpected end of backup set encountered on IBM 1.
V-79-57344-34004 - End of data set was unexpectedly encountered.

How to solve this error with deadlock ?
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAsked:
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