Network Monitoring Tool for hetrogenous network envoirnment

I am having a flat network that contails switches from cisco,nortel,3com, nortel wireless acess point. I am in need of good network monitoring tool.Can you please suggest good network monitoring tool that support fiber optic and ethernet network in hetrogeneous envoirnment?

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The sniffer family was also very good.....

We have a sniffer distributed system in our head office.  I use sniffer portable at our branch.

You can try CyberGauge ... very powerfull

Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Please check out the below options;


SolarWinds Orion      Propriety
Smarts                        Propriety
WhatsupGold      Propriety
EM7       Propriety
Nexus NMS      Propriety
CA           Propriety
StableNet Suite      Propriety
NetXplorer      Propriety
IT Monitor Enterprise      Propriety
Automated Infrastructure Technology      Propriety
loriotpro SNMP Manager      Propriety
zenithinfotec      Propriety
SNMPc      Propriety
InterMapper      Propriety
NetMRI      Propriety
Netvoyant      Propriety
ServerAlive      Propriety
NetXMS      Propriety
CommView      Propriety
AirMagnet      Propriety
MonitorMagic      Propriety
Observer      Propriety
HP-OpenView      Propriety
IBM Tivoli      Propriety
CiscoWorks      Propriety

Open-Source NMS            

ZenOSS      LAMP based NMS
Nagios      LAMP based NMS
JFFNMS      LAMP based NMS
OpenNMS      LAMP based NMS
Zabbix      LAMP based NMS
Hyperic HQ      LAMP based NMS
GroundWork      LAMP based NMS
Cacti      RRDTool

The more money you spend the better NMS you get. HP CA and IBM solutions are enterprise grade. It depends on your company budget. But for normal organizations I guess SolarWinds Orion and Observer are decent options.
As far as the big commercial players here is my experience:

I have taught Openview for HP and Unicenter for CA, of those two the Openview product set is easier, more reliable and far less expensive. That being said I wouldn't go with either if you are starting from the ground up. I've also implemented Netcool in several NOCs and it is a very powerful suite of products, has the best console and is probably the most respected. Unfirtunatly it is also quite expensive and complicated, and now that IBM ownes them I'm not sure where they will end up.  I've never deployed Tivoli, which IBM bought a while back, but it has one of the poorest implementation rate of any EM product.I've played around with BMC patrol, which is great for server and application management, not as impressive on network management, and again, very expensive.

On the cheaper side:
Currently I own a managed services company and use Solar Winds Orion NPM as the framework for management in my NOC. The decision to go with them was almost entirely a result of their cost (~$2500 for 100 managed objects) They are very inexpensive compared to the big 4. I've been reasonably happy with it, other than the variety of consoles you have to use to gather different kinds of information and some stability problems. It does allow you to create reasonable maps and is pretty good event management. It really just lacks a good console.

There are also very good free platforms. I currently use Nagios for historical performance reporting, and it is very slick. MRTG is an older solution that is also pretty cool. So...

- If money were no object I would be running under the netcool family of products, no question.
- If you have a little money to spend Orion NPM give you a lot of bang for your buck, and is VERY easy to implement.
- Nagios and MRTG are very good open source products, I've seem very large, complex network monitored with them, but they can be a little intimidating unless you are very familiar with SNMP and Linux.
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