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Hello everyone,

My company wants a cheaper alternative to a leased line and since symetric up/down speeds are not a must, I thought we could bundle a few cable/adsl lines together into a load balancing multi-wan router. We would not want to spend more than £1,000-£2,000. Ideally it would allow us to combine at least 4 internet broadband connections into one. Any suggestions?

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gurutcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might could use a Linux distro, an reasonably new box, and 4 nics.

- gurutc
er, 5 nics, or a 1 nic and a 4 port nic.
Call Adtran and ask about the 3120 or the 3448 Netvantas.  You can do a "reversal" whereby you configure the LAN switch side as WAN connections, and the WAN port connects to your LAN switch.  You can then configure a NAT overloading that uses all four ports to load-balance.
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That's cool!

- gurutc
I'd go with a peplink solution,, four 4 or more you would need the balance 710. You could also go with a pfsense or m0n0wall deployment if you wanted to roll your own and you were familiar with linux/unix command lines.
dont agree to having the leased line replaced!

even if you bond 4 x adsl together -- its still not going to be as good as the leased line -- you will notice the difference in quality  -- higher latencies etc  , although upload speed is not a must for you -- it helps

I have myself bonded 2 adsl  circuits together using mlppp -- it does work  but leased line circuit is just of a much better quality for internet  -- so try your best to convince them to keep it

If you still want to go down that route -- heres a company in uk.
rookie_bAuthor Commented:
Well, our leased ine is 2mbps on a copper bearer and cannot be upgraded without installing a new bearer, and the bandwidth is unsufficient for our needs. We were hoping to get 4/5 £50 a month 20 mbps cable internet lines and put it in a neat box like a peplink or edimax.  
Oor if there is a CISCO box, but I doubt it would be within the £2000 budget.

There is also the Linjsys RV016 but I am confused about the number of internet connections - it says 7 WAN ports but only 2 for internet? Or maybe I am reading it wrong.

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