Active Directory 2003 and 2008 Backups

I'm running multiple Windows Server 2003 domain controllers and multiple Windows Server 2008 domain controllers.  I'm currently taking backups of both 2003 and 2008 DCs.  

Do I need to backup both types of DCs or am I ok only backing up the 2008 DCs?
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Technically you can do a System State backup of the server which holds all your FSMO roles and it will give you a full Active Directory backup, since all the DCs will hold a replica of the same Active Directory data.

To be honest, if your DCs are just that - DCs - then I treat them as disposable. If they fail, there is no need to restore them from backup; you can rebuild the machine and repromote it as a DC, which is a much tidier method of returning the DC to service, rather than restoring from backup. You should, however, have a System State backup of at least 2 DCs, so that in a full server outage you do have something to restore Active Directory from.

However, if you have other roles on the DCs - printers, file storage, IIS and so on - then you should be doing full backups in the event you need to restore.

snoopfroggAuthor Commented:
Thanks Matt.  It looks like we have all our FSMO roles on a single box, so I'll go this route.
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