Backup Exec 9.1 Remote Agent Errors

I am having some trouble installing a BE 9.1 remote agent to a Server2k3 SP2 machine. The error i am receiving is "1: 2803 2: SetupError 3: 4: 5: 6:", which when looking up the Windows Installer error # 2803 shows a definition of Dialog View did not find a record for the dialog [2], im not exactly sure that applies in this situation. But what i have gone through is, moving the installer files from the main machine to the remote machine in question, tried running the installer from three local drives, uninstalling/reinstalling windows installer service, tried running a file setupaa.bat (which i saw recommended somewhere), all of which are leading back to the same error. Any thoughts?
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Act5580Author Commented:
At this point i have decided to just run an nt backup of the data to another server that is working ok. I am super frustrated, i do appreciate the help though. Thanks.
1) Do you have the latest version and patches ?

Is 9.1 agent supported on win 2003 SP2 ?

Have you tried disabling anti-virus etc, before the install ?

ANy firewall issues ?

I hope this helps !
Act5580Author Commented:
Most patches are up to date on console. I do have an agent on other 2k3 SP2 machines, which is the confusing part. This server is being used as a terminal server though. I have also tried a local install on the server. I also disabled all services relating to AV and firewalls are disabled when attempting as well.
When you run the install using setupaa.cmd, are you running it from the phyical console of the server? Don't run it through a TS session - not even an administrative session.
I am having the same exact issue with OS of W2K SP4 Server - identical situation and no 'A/V' on the server to be backed up!
The latest patches for the Veritas/Backup Exec/Symantec product "and" that MSI file has been used successfully on another system. My Win2K Srv is hosting SQL 2000 and there seems no way around it... will have to backup to another location off the SQL server.
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