Placement of Barracuda 310 webfilter on Network

We are unsure of where to put our Barracuda 310 firewall on our network and we figured someone in here might be able to help us out. Our network consists of three sites all connected by an MPLS network. The two remote sites just have Cisco 1841 routers and our main site has the Cisco IAD devices for the MPLS, ASA Firewall and a Cisco 1841 (linked in that order from outside in). We are thinking that to filter all three sites we will need to put the webfilter between in IAD and the Firewall, does that sound correct? Or is there a way to keep it internally and just put a line in the firewall to send all traffic through the web filter first?

I am just a little confused so I am hoping someone here can help me out.
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doboszbConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Placed it inline
Doesn't the Barracuda require you to configure the client to use it as a proxy?  If so, it can be placed anywhere, and does not have to be inline.
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