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I have a client that has purchased Vista Business machines from Dell. On one of the machines, when he turns it on, the default profile loads rather than his normal user profile. If the customer logs off or restarts, it loads his user profile as it should. Any suggestions?

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akashjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe corrupted profile
If he goes in via Administrator account, renames the customers account to OLD or something...logs off...relogs on as him/herself and see how things go
Downside is the profile will have to be rebuild though folders like desktop/fav/docs can just be copied over from OLD to new

Might be something else but at work, we're getting this quite often though it is a Novel network so to speak
Do you have the secure log on turn on that will make him/her press the alt+ctrl+de in order to sign in?

it shouldshow he last user when they try to sign in
fjhaleyAuthor Commented:
The client has the Vista default login screen that shows multiple accounts, not the C-A-D. I have never seen a profile that works sometimes, thats what has me confused. The customer machines are not on a domain, and use TCP/IP v4 in a small office environment.
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