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I have a need for a timer in my program which will be triggered at every n hours. Now because of a known issue which may happen once in a while there will be a stack overflow in that timer thread, causing that thread to crash. This also means that my timer is now no longer there..

What is the best way to prevent this? I know the stack overflow needs to be fixed, that is being worked on, however in the meantime, all I can think is another timer keeping track of the first timer.. I have had issues in the past when I have 2 timers then one of them fails to fire very quickly (no stack overflows then).. Pointers or suggestions?
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Just make sure you don't run the task in the main thread. See the following - it doesn't crash the timer:
import java.util.Timer;
import java.util.TimerTask;
public class TimCrash extends TimerTask {
    private int intVal;
    public TimCrash(int intVal) {
	this.intVal = intVal;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
	Timer t = new Timer();
	// Pass zero to main
	t.schedule(new TimCrash(Integer.parseInt(args[0])), 0, 5000);
    public void run() {
	// crash it
	new Thread() {
	    public void run() {
		// Deliberately crash the thread
		int i = 100 / intVal;

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MaarvaadiAuthor Commented:
Yup That did it! Thanks!!
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