How to edit an MSI package

I would like to learn how to edit Microsoft MSI packages.  For example, I want to load Office XP - only the photo editor; I want to load Office 2003 with certain programs, and not others.  Can anyone recommend some good articles/podcasts/youtube videos, etc on how to learn this.  

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Dmitriy IlyinConnect With a Mentor senior system administratorCommented:
Not sure that you need MSI editor as you described...
But... free MSI Editor (my favorite) -

And, If you need customize Microsoft Office instalation (your example) you should try this:
Creating an Administrative Installation Point for Office 2003
Rory de LeurConsultant End-User ComputingCommented:
Starting points:
- Wikipedia:

Get your self a book, for titels look here:

Help on packinging specific software titels:
- Appdeploy:

Help On deploy Office XP:
- Appdeploy:
- MS Support:

Note: Everything you learn how to edit msi's the right way, doesn't work on msi's created by Microsoft.
Rory de LeurConnect With a Mentor Consultant End-User ComputingCommented:
Missed one, Office 2003 Guides:
- MS Office:
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