We cannot deliver emails to a particular domain

We cannot send emails to a particular domain that belongs to one of our suppliers.  I have checked on the Exchange logs and the emails are being delivered by SMTP to c2beomr10.btconnect.com but I cannot trace any further than that.  Read receipts show -

"The original message was received at Mon, 16 Feb 2009 10:07:33 GMT from host xx-xxx-xx-xxx.in-addr.btopenworld.com [xx.xxx.xx.xxx]

   ----- The following addresses had successful delivery notifications ----- <xxx@xxxxxx.com>  (relayed to non-DSN-aware mailer)"

The supplier is not receiving mails.

Is there any way of tracing the path and finding our where the email is stopping?
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The host you have mentioned is one of BT's servers.
If the message was delivered successfully to their server then the message is out of your control. It has been dropped, deleted or blocked further on, which you cannot see.

As for BT saying that they have checked, that I take with a pinch of salt. ISP tech support lie habitually, so there is a good chance they haven't checked at all.

Have you cantacted your clients and ask them if have a spam filtering device and by mistake your domain got block ???

Or if the reported your emails as spam?
XTattsboxAuthor Commented:
I have, they have checked with their provider and there is no reason that they can see why the emails are being blocked.  I believe they have no internal spam filters and I have been told that the ISP have checked their filters and there is no block on our emails.
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