Connection lost when starting Vuze


I've got a problem with my internet connection/torrent client.
Whenever I start Vuze or µtorrent my connection to the internet is lost. I can download for about 10 min before this happens, and it happens everytime. I've tried it on my portable aswell, without problems.
At first I thought that it might had something to do with the ports in my router so I followed the guide on protforward, but with no luck. The thing is that both computers are connected to the same switch and router, so I guess that there is nothing wrong with them.
Anyone knows what could be wrong?

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Raver87Author Commented:
Okey, I found out what the problem was. The problem wa that I ued alot of Virtual machines some time ago. When I uninstalled WMware, all the connection were till active. So for ome reason this was the source of the problem. Removing them from the devicemannager solved the problem!
Look at the vuze setting and chak your download and speeds limits maybe your torrent are taking all you badwith and that's why you can access the internet
Raver87Author Commented:
Well, the problem is that the connections dies totaly. Not even LAN is accessable (or how you now spell it).
Windows builtin firewall is disabled aswell and I run Vista Ultimate 32 bit.
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