Link to DispForm.aspx not working from item listing


I have a WSS Sharepoint list, the display form has the url
"http://servername/sites/tsi/lists/[List Name]/DispForm.aspx".

After make a customization in DispForm.aspx in Sharepoint Designer, when I display the list of items in AllItems.aspx the url for my display form link points to "http://servername/?ID=6"

Any suggestions?
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MelMcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you delete the standard webpart view? SharePoint does not like when the original Display Form control gets deleted. The best thing to do is Insert > SharePoint controls > List Form WebPart then choose Display of which list/library you want. Then Right click that new standard webpart, choose appearance then click Hide and Close.
Then you can have your custom view showing with the standard behind the scenes.
Also, right click your list/library and choose properites then Supporting Files. Make sure that the display form has the proper URL.
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