how to copy 1 record in ADODB.Recordset

How can I do to copy 1 record in a ADODB.recordset?
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bobdylan75Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
If nobody else have an idea.
I you the
For each f in recordset1.fields
structure to update one field at a time.
and so update the current new record.
there aren't a more elegant way?
RamanaChoudaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what do you mean by copy?
bobdylan75Author Commented:
I've a recordset that have 3 records.
I want to copy A in D.
so it will have 4 records: A,B,C,D.
and the values of fields of D are like A ones.
I ask if there are a command or a metods to use to make these,
a metods as "update","delete","addnew", I think somethink like "copy"
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