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I recently had to increase the named prop quota registry entry on my exchange 2003 server because I was getting warnings that we were getting near the limit.  The increase of the named props is due to the recently added Blackberry Enterprise server to our environment.  We will be significantly increasing the number of users with blackberry's and i would like to check what the current size of the named props quota.  I want to make sure i am not nearing the size limit again before the roll-out.  Is their anyway to see what the current size is?  I know what the total size is, I would like to see its current size.
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ALogvinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look near the bottom, it will walk you through how to check it.

I recently had this pop up in my environment too. We found that the issue wasnt caused by BB... but by a large amount of SPAM with randomized X-Headers.
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