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Making number of rows equal in subreports


I have 7 subreports that display the same type of information for each day of the week. There is one MealNameHeader (Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner) and one field, named Food, in the Details of each subreport. Since not all meals will have the same number of foods, the subreports will not be even. I was wondering if there is a way to force each MealNameHeader to display a certain number of rows, say 10? So, for example, Lunch will appear on the same row of each subreport.

Thank you, James
1 Solution
The number of rows in a subreport reflects the number of records to print.
If you want the same number of rows then you must ensure that there are the same number of records.

That probably means that at some point near the start of your data input process you must create several batches of records all having the same number of records, with the appropriate id fields and any other common fields set.  You would then update those records in the input procedure, rather than create them as you do the input.  However, this means you must be able to  predict the max number of records for each meal .

I don't think I'd be rushing to do this myself...sounds pretty messy.
jdallainAuthor Commented:
Thanks peter57r! I thought there might be an easier way. I'll just add blank records for now.

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