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i am currently using Epicor Vista/Vantage, on a OpenEdge 10.1B Progress Database. I am trying move data from the current form im looking at, to another form with the same fields. Lets say i have pulled up the "Jobhed" table and the field "Jobhed.jobnum" from the Mfgsys database. so on my current form im looking at mfgsys.jobhed.jobnum i want to transfer that information to another form. I think it has something to do With Database /Screen buffers.  i am only looking for the Data movement code, i have the execution code already finished.

It can be in 4GL code or  Hope this makes sense :-) Let me know if theres anything i can Clarify
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CollegeguyesAuthor Commented:
for each ttpart where ttpart.Company = CUR-COMP, each part where = and ttpart.partnum = part.partnum.

run lib\updatetablebuffer.p(input BUFFER part:HANDLE, 'ShortChar01', part.PartNum).

Moving this data Query in to a Cell, which can be pulled by, a Statement in the Program

Private sub btnEpiCustom3_Click(ByVal Sender as Object, ByVal Args as System.EventArgs) Handles

Dim opts As LaunchFormOptions = New LaunchFormOptions()
Opts.IsModal = False
Opts.ValueIn = "{shortCharto1}"

ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(PartForm, "UDMT2008")

Sorry it was prob to much to ask from someone who wasnt using the program and i couldnt get my question out there clearly as well.

Thanks for your time Code Cruiser
I have never used progress so i can help with only. When you say you want to move data across forms, do you mean that you want to open another form with same data loaded? In this scenario, i would pass the other form some ID column and the other form would load the data from database.
CollegeguyesAuthor Commented:
Yes thats right, i am trying to load data on one form and pull up the same data on another. However i am fairly New to Coding, if you have some Generic example of this to help me out that would be great ;-D
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You can use the following code to open another form in Lets say you are on OrdersList form and you need to show the details of a selected order. You would open the OrderDetails form supplying it the OrderID. OrderDetails would then load the details of the Order using the OrderID.

Dim F as new FrmOrderDetails

If you really are so new to coding then you should probably read some basics first.
CollegeguyesAuthor Commented:
Im Still Checking this out, but i had to put it on hold for a while, let you know in +/- Week

You could not explain the question correctly, decided not to use any comments towards the solution, and decided to just close the question!!! Do you have any appreciation for the time and effort of volunteers wasted because of you?
CollegeguyesAuthor Commented:
I did Say my Thanks at the end of the last comment. however i did not want to give you any points because of not wanting to miss lead anyone reading the post that your answer was correct.. did i go about this wrong ? If short handed you some how i apologize and if i can fix left me know. however i do not appreciate the personal attack, for a possible misunderstanding ?
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