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dreamweaver swap image behavior for flash flv files

Dreamweaver has a nice swap image feature for images (jpg, png, etc)

It allows clicking on thumbnails of an image so that the full size of the image appears in an placeholder on the page.   Using onmousedown the image in the placeholder is replaced with the full size image represented by the thumbnail.

i'd like to do the same with flash FLV files...   clicking on a TN image of an FLV brings up that TN's associated FLV file for playing.

When you use DW swap image behavior it does not see FLV (CSS ID'd) files ...  it sees only IMG Id'd files.

It's as if there should be a swap FLV file behavior.

Does DW CS4 have this capability without having to write Javascript code?
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Currently, it's not possible to swap a video for an image, and vice versa...

Look for some other interactive style that's easy to implement and nice to look at.

Like, some changes in your Flash player; like videos embedded from Youtube in external sites do not play automatically, but show a large PLAY button in the middle.

Similar way, you can show some thumbnail, text, or simple animation on the first screen of Flash,
and if someone clicks that, let your player start loading/playing that FLV.

bbornerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kronie,

However in one of the Lynda.com video tutorials they show just that arrangement.   There are thumbs on the right sidebar of videos and there is a larger placeholder in the maincontent ...  suggesting that you click on the thumb to get the video to play in the placeholder ....

it is almost identical to their images swap tutorial (images of surfers and ocean etc) ...  however this one has videos.   problem is the screens shown are not part of a tutorial to show how to use it but part of a tutorial that discusses another topic.

That must have been achieved through some different approach rather than swap-image style.

These thumbnails on the site actually serves as links, and when clicked, they show/loads that specific video in placeholder area.

Using some iframes, or ajax will help you create that thing.
Like while viewing a video on YouTube, you see related videos as thumbnails on the left side,
and if you click any, it starts playing.

But I guess replacing an image with a Video on mouse-over is something we haven't heard much.

@ bborner,

I subcrbe to Lynda.com, do you know the tutorials name that teaches swaping videos

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