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Hi All:

I was using the Internet at home and suddenly there was a power outage. Now I'm not able to connect to the internet using Netgear WGT624 v2. I have reset the router twice and entered manually all necessary info. The router actually has an IP addressed assigned by ISP's  DHCP. it also displayed the IP and hostname of the attached computer but you can't access the internet.
I also reinstalled the cable modem and shut down and disconnected everything for 1 hour. My ISP says that they see no problem and that the Netgear is displayed on their system. I finally downloaded and installed the latest firmware but still no internet access. If the computer is connnected directly to the cable modem it can access the internet. I'm using AVG Antivirus and Win XP firewall. I'm not using the wireless feature, only the patch cable. Do you have any sugestion on how to fix this problem?  I'll appreciate a lot!
1 Solution
I would pick a popular website, and do a trace route on it - see where the connection breaks - you will need to know the IP of your router.  Googles IP is
open a command prompt and type
If you get a response from your router, and then nothing - or if  you get no responses well after your router, the issue is with the ISP or one of their providers.
If you do not get a response from your router, then the issue is either with your PC or your router.  

let us know!
Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAuthor Commented:

Hi mrsjock:
Tracert command could not be completed if PC is connected to the router, it was unsuccessfull. NIC on PC is working fine if the cable is directly attached to the cable modem, tracert commnad is succesfull within less than 10 secs. Any idea about how to fix the router?
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Replace the router.
Power surges can fry them.
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
before replacing the router..... try to connect *both* your cable modem and your local computer to the *LAN* ports of the WGT624V2, see if you can access the internet, just like to access the internet directly through the modem.

i know this is not the right way to use your router, but it is a way to test your router.

hope it helps,
1. Can you ping the internal IP of router from your machine; if yes then,
2. can you ping the public IP as listed on Netgear [received by DHCP from IDP]; if yes, then
3. can you ping the public gateway as listed [if yes then you are on the internet and this might be a DNS issue]. If no at any step then we have a problem.
4. Find public IP of any website [eg., www.yahoo.com] and ping from the machine when connected to the router. If you get replies then it is certainly a DNS issue, please check that your web browser does not have any proxies configured also, the DNS IP is correct.

If you have No for:
1. There is a possibility that the router internal IP and machine internal IP are on different subnets; please correct. Also, you might want to change the LAN port to which the machine is connected; there is a possibility that the LAN port is fried.
2. It would generally mean that the NAT on router is not working; reset the router once again would be a good option.
3. This indicates that there is some problem at ISP end.

If nothing works then there is a possibility that the router is fried; if possible, hook another router and test.

The test listed by bbao would give you clarity if the internal hub/switch of router is working; please note in this case as mentioned please connect to LAN ports only.
WAN ports is working as you are getting a public IP from ISP.

Thank you.
Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAuthor Commented:
Problem resolved! Thanks.

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