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I would like to return a dataset with a couple data-tables out of a webservice and then use it in a client application. How would I return the structure out of the webservice and then consume it in the client windows app?
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
You would need to create a function on the web service that returned a DataTable/DataSet. Your client application would have a reference to your web service and thus it would know that the function is returning a DataTable/DataSet and you would capture it as a return value from the function and use it as you would any other code. My syntax might be off a little as I started wrting this in C# ;)
// Your webservice
<OperationContract()> _
Function GetData(string parameter) As System.Data.DataTable
// Your client
Dim webVar As new WebServiceName
Dim dt As System.Data.DataTable
dt = webVar.GetData("some parameter value")

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thenrichAuthor Commented:
I was missing setting my funaction on the web service as a dataset
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