Visual C# Express support for SQL Server

I joined a programming course which covers the following topics

Programming Concepts
.Net 2.0 FrameWork
Microsoft C#.Net 2005
SQL Server Server (Query)
ADO.Net 2.0

I have Visual Studio Express 2008 (namely using C# express) , I heard though it doesn't support SQL server that is one of the topics I will be taking in the course. Can someone confirm if this is the case and hence will need the professional version of the studio?

Thanks in advance
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Number5ixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Visual Studio 2008 Express (C#) does support SQL Server (Express or full, doesn't matter).

If you're asking whether or not you can connect to a SQL Server database from an application written with Visual Studio 2008 Express then the anwer is yes, you can (I've done it a ton of times).
Of course as a professional I'm working with a professional edition of VS. However, what I learnd from the MS site of "express" editions (quotation about Visual C# express edition):
"Create data-enabled applications with the lightweight SQL Server Compact Edition or powerful client/serve applications with  SQL Server 2008 Express". You may also to download express sql server.
See So - can't see any problems.

Moreover, in theory one may write programs without using any "visual" tools, just using C# compiler and a text editor like Notepad (of course .Net plsatform should be installed on a computer but it's again free). And it is possible to write all sql stuff manuallyand it will work.

As a matter of fact I prefer to create all my data connections etc manually in the code but not using any visual tools.

I'm pretty sure that you won't have any problems accessing a non-express version of Sql Server using the express version of the C# IDE. I may be wrong, but even if I am, the express version of Sql Server should be more than sufficient for your needs.
Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
what did you really mean by support....
Sql Server Express is nearly scaled down versions of the actyual Server but only a few high end stuff such as agents, replication etc are missing
Sql Server Express should be sufficient for the training purposes as most of the thing which are taught in training can be taken care in SQL Express
Number5ixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh and Visual Studio itself doesn't care what version of SQL Server you're running - it's just using System.Data.SqlClient in either case.  As mentioned above SQL Server itself differs a bit between express and full versions though (the main difference is the lack of SSIS in the express versions - it controls things like scheduled tasks/maintenance plans).
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