How to reset a DBMS_UTILITY.UNCL_ARRAY variable?

In a PL/SQL stored procedure I am using the folllowing variable:
minnie DBMS_UTILITY.uncl_array;

In the procedure, I do many assignments:

minnie(0) := '1';
minnie(1) := '3'
... and so on.

How can I reset this DMBS_UTILITY.UNCL_ARRAY variable?
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Naveen KumarConnect With a Mentor Production Manager / Application Support ManagerCommented:
try something like

minnie := DBMS_UTILITY.uncl_array();

or if the above does not work...

in the declaration section....

minnie DBMS_UTILITY.uncl_array;
dummy DBMS_UTILITY.uncl_array := DBMS_UTILITY.uncl_array();

in the executable section after the assignments...
minnie(0) := '1';
minnie(1) := '3'

minnie := dummy;
sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
by "reset"  do you mean remove all the elements?

hc2342uhxx3vw36x96hqAuthor Commented:
Perfect solution, many thanks ;-)
Naveen KumarProduction Manager / Application Support ManagerCommented:
but which one did exactly work for you because i gave you two options... just got curious as to which one you have used.
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