Does OS in VMWare Need a Configuration to Connect to Internet?

I have a PC that had a cable internet connection. If i install VMWare & boot Linux BackTrack OS on VMWare. Will i be able to use Network tools that reside in BackTrack immediately since i already have a connection in my PC? Or i must do some configurations & install drivers, etc?
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simsjrgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be good to go. Just make sure the Ethernet Adapter for the BackTrack VM is set to bridged mode.
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It depends. (Doesn't it always?)

If you have a router in front of your cable modem that hands out DHCP addresses to your computer, then you have little to do. By default, your guest machine is set up in Bridged mode and will be ready to go.

If you do not have a router, then go to the Properties of the guest machine and set it for NAT. Then ensure your host firewall is configured for the NAT range. Look in Programs -> VMware -> Virtual Network Editor. Then you are ready to go.
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the linux vm is separate from vmware and requires  network setup to set ip address, etc.
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
What omarfarid is true, but in modern Linux machines I have set up as guests, the DHCP from my router has been picked up immediately. You do need to install the VMware tools, but I assume you have. .... T
ht-docsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
About drivers: if you have VMWare Tools installed, you should already have all necessary drivers.

If you set up Bridged VMWare Networking, you should set up networking in guest OS as if you have additional machine in your physical network - e.g. obtain static or dynamic IP, add routes etc accroding to your network policies.
If you use NAT, your host OS acts as a router and DHCP server. That means you should set up guest OS networking according to this situation - simply get dynamic network parameters.

ifreqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BT3 has been tested and it works without problem on current VMware. eithe use it on bridged or NAT mode, depends of usage you want to achieve with it.
F-J-KAuthor Commented:
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