SQL Server Reporting Services problems


I am running into all sorts of aggravation trying to resolve a problem configuring Reporting Services. Here are the details;

1) I have run the Reporting Services Configuration Manager and all items are checked (Green check mark) on the left pane until I get to "Initialization" which is in Red X.
2) I check Database Setup and notice that Database Name is not correct.
3) Attempting to change the Database Name and then Click APPLY brings up a SQL Server Connection Dialog". Here I have the "Server Name" (which is the Machine Name of my SQL Server) and the "Credentials Type set as "Current User - Integrated Security.
4) When I click OK, I receive the following:

"A connection could not be established with the information provided. Hit OK to change your connection settings.    
Invalid object name 'sysdatabases'

5) No matter what I do, I cannot seem to properly change the Database Name. My questions are as follows:

a) Is there a particular format for specifying database name?  (machinename\dbaname, sqlinstancename\databsename?  )
b) do I need to uninstall Reporting Services? If so, where can you uninstall RS as I don't see a clean method for this?
c) I have made sure that Remote Connections using TCP\IP and Names Pipes is enabled.

SQL Server 2005 running on Windows 2003 Server SP2

Thanks for any Help........500 points
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Charlie_MelegaAuthor Commented:
I was able to figure this out. Essentially started over by running rsconfig followed by rskeymgmt (as I also had enctryption issues preveting RS Config tool from properly configurign all aspects)

Here is the syntax I used for those who may have been having a similar experience;

rsconfig -c -m (machinename) -i (instance) -s (server) -d (database) -a (authentication type)

followed by

rskeymgmt -d -i (sqlserverinstance)
Faiga DiegelSr Database EngineerCommented:
Does your windows account used to login to that RS server have access/permission to the DB server instance?
Charlie_MelegaAuthor Commented:
Yes, the only caveat is that I am accessing the DB Server Instance via RDP but using the same account.  This account is a Domain Admin account and was used when initially installing SQL Server on this machine.
Charlie_MelegaAuthor Commented:
issue resolved using rsconfig and rskeymgmt
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