How to stop objects being created with a default classs

I'm trying to learn how to use Visual Studio 2008 for creating web pages. I find that many of the objects I create, such as Tables or Images are given a default class:


Is there any way of turning off this functionality? Or is there a way I can use it to my advantage? Usually there would already be a class in my .CSS file that I can assign to a new object.

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Munawar HussainConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:

Under Tools menue .. go to options>>
Expand  option HTML designer and then select CSS option.

In right pan you see inline css or class css

by changing to inline it would not create a separate style for every element

ipendleburyAuthor Commented:
Well it half worked. If I create a table now, it puts a: Width = 100% inside the TD tag. If I drag an image onto my page it still creates a class in the header section of my page.

But I dont want it to do any of this. I dont want visual studio attempting to anticipate how I would like to format an object. I would like to turn off this functionality so that objects are created without any formatting. I want to format them myself.


ipendleburyAuthor Commented:
Ok, I guess I cant prevent Visual Studio from doing this. I'll accept your reply and awards the points so I can close this thread. Thanks for your input.

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