WCCP access-list help

I am being asked to add another instance of WCCP for test purposes.
The target router is directly connected to another router that is already performing this.

The challenge is to redirect just one subnet to the new cache and disallow the others.
Also, the users destination is shared by the rest of the company.
So, can I use source and destination subnets in a WCCP ACL?
Since the test router is on the perimeter, and I am currently using WCCP ACL IN from the Data Center ingressing to the existing first router.  Can I add deny statements that are source and destination specific?
This will be required to test on the next downstream router.

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maudib031397Author Commented:
Ok, after digging for some hours i have found my own answer.
Yes, it is possible to use a deny statement in a WCCPv2 Redirect ACL.
And yes it is possible to use a source and destination address in that list.

From Cisco's Documentation:
To disable caching for certain clients, servers, or client/server pairs, you can use WCCP access lists. The
following example shows any requests coming from to will bypass the cache. while all
other requests will be serviced normally:
configure terminal
ip wccp web-cache redirect-list 120
access-list 120 deny tcp host
access-list 120 deny tcp any host
access-list 120 permit ip any any
maudib031397Author Commented:
Ok, perhaps i should clarify that the routers are actually multilayer Cisco Switches.
But nothing different.
maudib031397Author Commented:
Ok, I only ask one or two questions a year.

Maybe I have outgrown this site.

Thanks for the effort, I will wait a bit longer before moving to Tech Republic.

But I will have to consider quitting the site if I get nothing.

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