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Vista Ultimate X64 looses Viewsonic 2030WM monitor

This is complicated so I will try to be short and precise.
The system is MSI K9A2 Platinum with 4 Gig and AMD 9550 Phenom.  Adaptec 1220SA with 2 Seagate NS drives.
The system had a faulty MSI 2600XT video card.  It was running with an extended desktop.  Monitor 1 is Viewsonic 2030WM and Monitor 2 is Viewsonic 920.

I replaced the 2600XT with a MSI R3650 TD2/512 card.  This is where we run into a problem.  The system will show the BIOS messages on both monitors but when the display driver initializes I loose the Viewsonic 2030.  I have uninstalled the current 8.5 driver and installed the new 9.1 driver.  I have tried to run with a single Viewsonic 2030 monitor and had the same problem.  I have booted with the 920 monitor and verified that there is a display then un-plugged the 920 and plugged the 2030 in the same port and still there is no display.  To me it would appear that the sync signals are not compatible between the video card and the 2030 monitor since the 2030 goes into low power mode which is usually triggered by the video card removing sync.  I am using the DVI ports but I have also tried running the 2030 using a VGA adapter and the VGA port on the monitor. Oh yes,  the monitor works in safe mode but not when booted into low res mode.  Tried a CTX 17" monitor and had the same result.  At this point only the 920 seems to work.  Unfortunately the CTX had a similar problem on another system so it may not have been the best monitor to test with.

The 2030 is recognized by Windows Vista and you can extend the desktop onto it even though you can't see it.  It is difficult to change the resolution for that monitor in Windows since it will switch back to 800x600 even though you have told it to save the current settings.

What do you think?
1 Solution
I would completly un-install the drivers and see if the monitor will work with the windows standard VGA driver first, it sound like it would because safe mode works.
Have a look at this site below to fully un-install the driver
Once you are working with the VGA driver then install the latest driver from the web.
MikeKAtLCSAuthor Commented:
Determined that the problem was a compatibility problem between the Viewsonic 2030 monitor and the MSI 3650 video card.  All other monitors on that card worked.  The viewsonic 2030 worked on other video cards.  Put the repaired 2600XT card back in and the system worked fine.

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