Distributed database disadvantages

Distributed database disadvantages
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Raja Jegan RSQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
You will have the following disadvantages:

1. Performance impact will be very huge if you combine multiple databases in a query / statement.
2. Sorting, Merging and Aggregations of the result set will be a problem.
3. Complexity  extra work must be done by the DBAs to ensure that the distributed nature of the system is transparent. Extra work must also be done to maintain multiple disparate systems, instead of one big one. Extra database design work must also be done to account for the disconnected nature of the database  for example, joins become prohibitively expensive when performed across multiple systems.
4. Less Security  remote database fragments must be secured, and they are not centralized so the remote sites must be secured as well. The infrastructure must also be secured (e.g., by encrypting the network links between remote sites).
5. Data Integrity -- Require much of network resources
6. Complex Database design
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Hello evry2004,

1) You will get a much better response from the Experts if you actually ask a question

2) Dropping broad-based, general topics like this smacks of "homework" or an academic assignment of some sort...


In addition to asking a real question you'd get better results posting in at least two zones, and you are allowed to post in as many as three zones.


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