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FreeNAS iSCSI multipathing


Does anyone know if FreeNAS 0.69 support iSCSI multipathing.

I currently have the freenas iscsi setup on 2 servers, however when I add files from on server I can't see it from the 2nd one.

The only way is if I disconnect the iscsi target completely and then reconnect it, then only can i see the files i copied to it from server 1.

Any Ideas anyone...

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Since FreeNAS is derived from FreeBSD and the latter supports that, my answer would be yes.

About your problem, it's a correct behaviour; I mean, your initiator on server2 didn't add those files on the target, so it's not supposed to be aware of the new files.
When you disconnect and reconnect, you force a refresh. It's clumsy, I understand, but it's the way it should act.
iSCSI is not NFS. I recommend using NFS, to take adantage of concurrent file manipulation
May I know why did you give me a B? :/

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