Problems accessing localhost when using Anonymizer Total Net Shield

Hello experts,

I use Anonymizer's Total Net Shield, which is a SSH port forwarding application.

I've recently installed WAMP in my machine (to test sites locally) and need to access 'localhost' in my browser to run the sites locally.

The problem is as follows: if I try accessing localhost when Anonymizer is on, it shows a page saying I am trying to access a proxy server machine (Anonymizer) and that this is not possible, then redirects me to anonymizer's site.

I've found out the issue is in the Listening Manager of Anonymizer TNS. It normally listens:

Only disabling the listening of port 80, I manage WAMP to run OK and I am able to access the pages I want to execute, locally, with Internet Explorer (the browser I have configured to run a direct connection to the net). But then, Firefox (browser I have configured to connect securely via proxy) won't show any pages at all, because of course TNS is not listening.

TNS is configured NOT to secure IE connections, but yes Firefox ones.

Does anybody know if it's possible to solve this so that I can run localhost in IE and proxy connections in Firefox in the same time?

Thanks in advance
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to, however you have to configure Apache to listen on a specific IP address other than or on a different port other than 80.

You can't have two things listening on the same address and same port.
striker46Author Commented:
Perfect solution!!!

Modified the port Apache listens to, to another which is not being listened by TNS and now I can run everything in the same time.

Thanks a lot
striker46Author Commented:
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