To calculate high volume of internet traffic - do I combine HTTP posts from both client to server, plus server to client?

I'm tasked to review a high volume of internet activity in a one week time period and I am not well versed in this topic.  I am focusing today on one client application installed on thousands of the customer's systems and it makes a daily call to a 3rd party server.
The average call includes:
  -  775 Packets
  -  300 HTTP POSTs from Client to the server
  -  300 HTTP responses from Server to Client
  -  287 Kilobytes of data transfer
Here is my uneducated question: based on the call statistics above, would just one of these average calls account for a total 600 hits of internet traffic to that 3rd party server (300 HTTP posts client to server, plus 300 more server to client)?
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well a "hit" depends on what you define a "hit" as.

However worse case situation is you have 300 hits.  A hit would be a request+response.  So you have 300 requests and 300 response, that would be 300 total hits.

Now, depending on the application a "hit" could be multiple requests and multiple hits.  Say you go to a web page that has 10 pictures on it.  You would see 11 requests and 11 responses, but some places would count this as a single hit as it was a request for a single piece of information, that being a single web page.

The only assumptions you could make is that there were 300 requests/hits, each requiring approximately 2.5 packet and generating 900 bytes of data transfer.
DJWhitlockAuthor Commented:
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