What is an 'A' records

Hello, i have taken over a role as part of the firewall team.  In place we have 4 firewalls, 1 set of 2 is for failover(Checkpoint for outside and ASA for inside) and 2 firewall routers.

We have mobile phones that sync up for emails for our users that talk to the exchange server.
We have a certifcate for these phones on the ISA server.

The certificate for these phones was pointing at one firewall router but i had to ring the DNS company and get them to change it to point at the other side for testing.

i asked them (i was prompted by someone else) Could the following A record be ammended please? Mobile.kintyre.com

My question is just - what is this A record all about?  What is the relevance of it and why do i have to know which firewall router to point it at.  Is it because it affects the routing of the mobile phone sync?

any advice is welcome, Kevin
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'A' record is 'Address' Record in DNS.   what ever domain name you are using to find a computer on the network/internet is routed to the IP 'Address'.
When a device needs to connect to a resource it looks up the destinations IP address using it's Fully Qualified Domain Name.  In this case the phone looks up the IP address for Mobile.kintyre.com.  It does this using a DNS lookup.  By ammending the A record with a new IP you have effectively changed the address that is returned to the phone.  
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
The A record is simply the name given to the dns entry that associates an ip address with the Fully Qualified Domain Name. for external dns this is normally controlled by your ISP un less you look after it yourself of course.
oharekaAuthor Commented:
thanks to all 3 answers.  Much appreciated, K
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
lol - shame you only accepted one then but no worries :)
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