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Hello, I want a dynamic slide show that will show random images stored in my server. my images are stored in my server and their name is also stored in my database (check this question to find out more about my image upload system  http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web_Development/Web_Languages-Standards/PHP/Q_24144999.html)
I'm not sure what language we will use but i think it will be javascript, PHP, MySQL,CSS
here is an example of how i want it:


Thank you
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I figure the closest you'll get without reinventing the wheel could be http://billwscott.com/carousel/carousel_ajax_load.html. The component is available and documented at http://billwscott.com/carousel/.

Or if you'd prefer 3d, you could build on http://www.hotajax.org/content/view/491/420/.

Happy hacking!
Ray PaseurCommented:
This question about dynamic image rotation and slide shows has a lot of prior art.  A quick google search will give you plenty of things to choose from.  To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, let me recommend Dynamic Drive, which has one of the best code repositories for this purpose.  Most of them are plug-and-play, and will be easy for you to integrate into your applications.

General search:

Dynamic Drive:

HTH, ~Ray
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