Using RowFilter to filter dataview within DateTime values in a Dataset

Hello Experts,

Using VS 2008
Windows Forms (not ASP.NET)

I am trying to filter a dataview based on Datetime values within a Dataset. For some reason I am not coming up with any matches when I should be. I am using the values of 2 DateTimePickers for my date ranges. I have even tried removing the DateTimePickers and hard coding in values that I know exist within the dataset still with no luck. See code below. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? It appears as though I am just using the method incorrectly?

Thanks in advance.

//Define my variables to be used in the search. these are my 2 DateTimePickers. I have tried leaving off the "ToString()" method and leaving the variables as DateTime, also with no luck
string begin = dateTimeLater.Value.ToString("M/dd/yyyy 00:00");
string end = dateTimeEarlier.Value.ToString("M/dd/yyyy 23:59"); 
// At this point I have used a Messagebox to display the values of begin and end. They are correct.
//Create my dataview - this also works fine.
DataView gridView = new DataView(reserveTrackerDataSet.Tables["Authorizations"]);
//Try and filter gridview - THIS RETURNS NO MATCHES. I have verified that there is data in the dataset that DOES match the filter criteria, yet nothing is returned.  FYI - Date is of type DateTime in the dataset.
gridView.RowFilter = "Date IN (#" + begin + "#, #" + end + "#)";
//I have also hardcoded the date values directly in my RowFilter statement to determine if my variables were the problem like below, but still NO MATCHES even thou data in the dataset should match.
gridView.RowFilter = "Date IN (#1/01/2009 00:00#, #2/16/2009 23:59#)";

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kalittaairConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for trying but I figured it out.

gridView.RowFilter = "Date >= #" + begin + "# AND Date <= #" + end + "#";


Is it a Access db you're connecting to? If it's SQL server you should write
gridView.RowFilter = "Date IN ('1/01/2009 00:00', '2/16/2009 23:59')";
Also this construct only match those particular dates. begin and end sounds like an interval, in that case you could use "Date BETWEEN '1/01/2009 00:00' AND '2/16/2009 23:59'".

kalittaairAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is a SQL 2005 DB I am accessing. However, when using:
gridView.RowFilter = "Date BETWEEN ('1/01/2009 00:00' AND '2/16/2009 23:59')";
I get:
"The expression contains unsupported operator 'Between'."

I tried removing the parathesis like in your example. Still no luck.

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