Program to send text file through wifi to the mobile phone

i want to use C++ to send text message or file through wifi to mobile phone ~
how to do it ?
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lhl60Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Wifi usually (but not necessarily) also implies TCP/IP, so it doesn't matter if you are sending data on the Internet your local LAN or your wifi connected nodes.

All you need is a peice of software in either end to send and receive the data.

If your phone has an FTP client or server, use this. (I'm sure there is open source versions; for most mobile OS's)
Or you might want to write a small program for your phone. There might even be an API for your "phone-PC-suite" you can use.

"i want to use C++ "  it doesn't matter what language you use.
The protocol and capabilities in your phone has nothing to do with the language you use.
it comes down to what compilers or API's are available

Please note that it's unlikely that your mobile phone supports receiving text messages over wifi and you will need to write a client for the phone also.

Although files seems possible if it supports the right object exchange.

As you may know, this site isn't a programmer for hire site, but rather a problem solving site.

Where in this process are you stuck at, so that we can assist you further?
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