How to save cursor position in MS Word 2007?


Did someone know how could I configure MS Word 2007 in such a way, that if I finish editing some document, when I open it next time, cursor will be on the position where it was last time, just before saving doc? (like in OpenOffice)

Is this ever possible?
Macro usage is strongly discouraged.

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If you're against using macros then you're only realistic option is to create a bookmark just before closing the document and then navigate to it afterwards. This can be expedited if you learn keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+F5 opens the bookmarks dialog and Ctrl+G opens the Goto dialog. I would suggest naming the bookmark "aa" so that it will be at the top of the list if you have a lot of bookmarks in the document.
HJ23Author Commented:
Thank you!

It is unbelievable that such product, full of bells and whistles don't have such simple and needed option!

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