Microsoft Access 2007 and custom toolbars

I have inherited a database created by someone else.  I am unsure what version of Access the database was created in, but the users are now using Access 2007 and I am attempting to develop in 2007.  The new interface is very much different and confusing and I cannot seem to find the custom toolbars.

The original developer created custom toolbars for the forms.  When I look at the property sheet on the forms, I see the toolbar names in the Toolbar property.  However, in Design view I do not see the custom toolbar, nor can I seem to find it.

I tried Google, but the best I can tell it is supposed to be an add-in.  I don't see anything under add-ins in Access 2007.  On one page it showed a screen shot and there was a tab next to the Database Tools tab for Add-ins.  I don't have that.  If I select Database Tools/Database Tools/Add-ins, I don't have any selection of add-ins and I don't know where to find one.  

The custom toolbar works.  However, I can't seem to find it to update it with changes I want to make.

I have attached three screen shots.  The Access Ribbon, shows the view when I open the database without an object open.  The second, Form Design View Ribbon, shows the view I get when I am in the Design View of the form that has the toolbar.  The third, Form Property Sheet shows the property sheet of the form and shows that the Toolbar value is set.

Can someone help me find this toolbar where I can edit it?

Thank you.

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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:

"Toolbars" as they existed in previous version, no longer exist in Access 2007.

I belive there is a way to display them.
I am not sure if you can still "Modify" them though.

You will have to become wise in the ways of the Ribbon.
(Happy Reading)


BJTurnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  That is what I thought from what I read.  We are going to have to determine if we continue developing in 2007 or go back to 2003.  You can develop the command bar in 2003 and it works in 2007.  You just can't see the code.
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