Sonicwall Pro 330 alarm

Hi All,

We have an  issue with a Sonicwall Pro 330 FW.

Recently the alarm light on the front has started flashing, and intermittently there is an audiable alarm that goes off too.

We have checked the logs and dont see anything extraordinary, although there is the occasional IP Spoof.

we dont have CFS enabled.

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It's indicative of a hardware problem _not_ an IP attack. Check the fan. Make sure you have a backup of the config, and make sure your 8x5 support is up to date cz don't forget that that support includes next-day hardware swapout if the box fails.

Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Using NMS if you have any or Firewall analyzer, you need to check your hardware, i.e, the memory, CPU.
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