Remote Access to Windows Server 2003 Server

We are running a Windows Server 2003 domain controller with a second server for file storage.  My boss wants to be able to access the shares offsite.  Here is the issue: we have Windows, Mac, and Linux users.  I would LOVE to find some kind of universal solution to this.  I was thinking of some kind of web-based solution that would allow our users similar functionality as when they are in the office (create/delete folders, move files, create/edit/delete files, etc).

Any ideas are very much appreciated.  VPN is not my preferred option because of the level of technical understanding of my users.  Thanks!
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cgordon81Connect With a Mentor Commented:
i would recomend citrix (it uses basically and rdp session except reffered to as an ica connection).  You'll need terminal server licensing from MS, and citrix licensing.  Basically you can use this to publish apps so user goes to  a webpage and sees list of available programs, or you can give them desktop access.  If you have roaming profiles setup in combination with this when they logged on to the desktop it should look like their normal comptuer.  This is compatible with mac, linux, and win xp, i've used it on all but mac, and i hear it 's supported.  Basically their machines become dumb terminals at this point when using citrix.
I'd setup & use offline files

This way your users will be ale to work on or off your LAN & the files will sync once they return or leave the LAN
Is this Windows or Small Business Server?

Remote Web Workplace with SBS is a nice option.
uiclasAuthor Commented:
wantabe2 - our users are not taking computers home with them or traveling, so much as it is for users to access the files from their home computers, machines not joined to our domain, etc

DMTechGrooup - We are using Windows 2003 Server (not SBS).  Any chance the Remote Web Workplace you mentioned can be added to what we have that you know of?

cgordon81 - I was leaning this way as well for additional reasons, but I had been hoping to find something less expensive and quicker to implement.  I do think you are correct in your analysis of our situation with this recommendation though.  Thanks!!
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