"run this program in compatibility mode" doesn't work flash cs3

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My computer just got stolen so I replaced it with a Gateway 7805u with a Core 2 Duo 2.26 and 4 gigs of ddr3 ram and 1 gig of video ram (nvidia geforce 9800). This new computer has Vista on it while my old one (XPS 2010 from 2.5 years ago) has XP. Flash CS3 seems to be very sluggish in response when I click on things or change tabs. I am wondering if anyone else ran into a problem like this and whether it is vista/Flash CS3 related or due to the laptop? I found one recommendation to change the compatability mode for Flash to 'Windows XP service pack 2'. When I do this and try to open flash it never actually opens or displays any windows. The resouces go through the roof though and flash.exe does appear in the task manager->processes list. Any helpful suggestions?

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Flash CS3 is not an aplication to be run in compabilitymode. Try and download the availible updates for Flash and your computer. (Including graphicscard and Vista).

If you use a 32-bit Vista check this link:
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