Epson R2400 Magenta Cast

From time to time, usually when I'm printing large quantities of prints, the prints will go from the correct color to having a moderate magenta cast to the photographs.  Sometimes resetting the printer works...for a while.  Other times nothing works and I end up shutting it off for several days.  Usually when I start it up again it's fine.

Another method I try is performing head and nozzle cleaning.  This sometimes works too.  Now none of these things are working.  Any suggestions???  Thanks!!
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
seems a dying printer; you can contact Epson for more info :
hatheharikenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the printer head is ageing.
you dont need to replace the printer, but only the head.

when a inkjet printer is printing, the nozzle area, gets heated up due to the piezo electric effect that pushes the ink out to the paper. this heat, is normally meant to dissipiate, and the operating temperature of the heads is generally 10 C above ambient.

in aged heads, the heat cannot dissipiate fast enough - leading to higher operating temperatures and leads to many irregularities in output color balance - it is even possible to have a channel completely blocked out after 9/10 pages of print.

if you have CIS installed, it is possible that the viscosity of the magenta ink may be different, but this is a very slight possibility

you can try a 10% ammonia bath on the head to try and solve the issue
but head replacement is the surefire solution.

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