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Crystal Report 8.5 Designer VB6 Crashes


Please help us what we are going to do when Crystal Report 8.5 Designer and VB6 crash.

Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
I don't use CR 8.5 or VB6, so I doubt that I'll be of much help, but just to get the ball rolling:

 I imagine that before anyone will be able to help you, they're going to need more information.

 What are you doing when you get the "crash"?

 Describe the "crash".

 Do you get any error messages?

What O/S are you running?

Both VB6 and CR8.5 are rather old and may have problems with newer O/S like XP and Vista.

VB6 works fine on XP & Vista, although it's best to turn desktop composition (Aero) off in Vista, else certain design feature don't display properly. As far as I know, the only CR version which works in the VB6 designer on Vista is CR11 (which, incidentally, is the last CR product which includes the VB6 designer module).

CR10 works okay in XP (I still only have CR10), although it can be a bit flaky at times. The way I get around the Vista problem with CR10 is by running it in a virtual PC* session which has XP installed. It was a bit of a faff to set up but it works fairly well now. I guess you could do the same with CR8.5 on the last known OS which the product was supported on (Windows 2000 I think).

Virtual PC is a free download from MS, although you will need an installation disk (and license) for the OS you want to install on it.

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marvelsoftAuthor Commented:
Im using Vista installed both VB6 and CR 8.5. When I clicked CR Designer in the project explorer it display error message asking if debug and check solution online. I clicked debug in that dialog box then it crashes and VB6 close. So i started all over again and results the same thing. This happens only in vista but in WinXP Pro it works fine for me.

Ah, well you're not going to get the VB designer to work in Vista, I'm afraid. Your only options are:

1. Upgrade to CR11.
2. Switch to designing the reports in CR itself, and just calling them from within VB.
3. Use a virtual PC with XP, VB6 & CR 8.5 installed on it, dedicated to your report creating requirements.
I had the same problem with VB6 and Crystal Reports 8.5.
I have just found out that the crash only occurs when the VB Toolbox is open. So, if I first close the toolbox then open the report designer I am able to work, no crash occurs. Yes, this is not a solution, maybe just a work around, but helped me a lot, specially when we want to make little adjustments to the report definition. So I thought it could help othr people with the same problem.
I am still using a virtual machine with Windows XP to work with the report designer inside VB6. It's a good alternative if you don't want or can't afford to upgrade your Crystal Reports license to a newer version.

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