Domain name transfer

I have a friend that has a domain name that he will give me.  How do we transfer the name ?  Do I just need a password to the domain name servers and change the contact information ?
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Contact the registrar of the domain name and make the changes, to find the registrar you can use a whois search.
Do you plan on keeping the same domain registrar as your friend had? Then yes, (in theory) you can just change the admin and techinical contacts as well as nameservers. To do it clean, you should setup your own account with that (or another) registrar and initiate a domain transfer. This is done by sending a request (they all have forms for this) for the domain transfer. After that, an eMail will be sent to the current domain admin (your friend) who must acknowledge the transfer.
In Simple terms:

if you want to keep the same domain name then you just need to passwords and the contact information. But if you do not want to have the same domain name then you have to contact register of the domain and ask them to change it for you.
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