Activate License For Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003

Hai, Experts.
My Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 is a license software. I have a product key as well. But I face a problem to activate my office 2003 after re-install. It required me to activate it either via online or via telephone line. After i proceed to activate it but i didn't get any key to proceed. Everytime i open ms office, then activation message pop-up. As i understand from the information that stated on the cover, after 50 launches, a lot of basic functions are blocked and i only can view the document but can't edit it anymore.
What should i do?
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StrongBad_RulesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would just call Microsoft.  They give the activation keys away like candy.  They will ask why you need to key and give it to you.  Explain that it is a reinstall and there will be no problems.  Hope that helps.
chkuehAuthor Commented:
Hai, StrongBad.....

Thank you for your reply. I direct go  to Microsoft web sites after i received your reply, i try to find Microsoft contact for local (Singapore) one. I cannot find it, so i direct get the activation via online which follow the wizard. Lastly, no activation required when opening the ms office 2003.

Thank you very much.

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