Update Dataset with Datagridview'

I have 1 winform with datagridview, this datagridview will display data from dataset.
I want to edit some value on datagridview and when press savedata button all data will be updated to Database.
How can I do?
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anarki_jimbelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe that is all you need (because you have an adapter and a dataset:

                    ' Update the database

                    ' Accept the changes within the DataSet

See links that RamanaChoudary sent you.

Honestly you can't expect anything else apart from links. Points are not generous, problem description is too vague etc.
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Mr_BachAuthor Commented:
I can't use those links above, It can't help me, not my idea, I didn't create any qurey on C#, I just used wizard from Visual Studio to bind data from dataset to datagridview.
Mr Bach,

Even if you use the wizard to createa dataset and bind it to a datagridview you still have a reference to the dataset. And basicly all you need to do is to accept changes by calling  DataSet.AcceptChanges - read my first code. Think logically: even if you do not create any statements yourself but use wizards still these statements are created fort you. So still the approach I pointed to is applicable. There is no any magic here.
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