Multiple Headers in crystal reports

Hi guys,

I have done basic work with crystal reports but now have come across a problem. What i am desigining for the crystal report document is two tables one below the other. The data will not exceed over one page and for both tables i have created a bordered box with the column names in it to give it a datagrid look. The issue is that everytime it repeats the data from my stored procedure it also repeats the box with the column names in it. How do i prevent this?

I thought to put it in the page header but i dont see how that would work as i have two tables one below the other? I then tried Group headers but that repeats the column headers just the same as if i put it in the details section
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peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to use a subreport for your second table.
Anything you put in the Detail section will be repeated for every record so that's a non-starter.
You should be able to use a group header for the first table if you restrict the data to what is required for that table.
Build a siimilar report for the second table and add it as a subreport to the first report.
_versus_Author Commented:
Thanks for the response. I had spent most of yesterday researching and read up on subreports so thanks for the response anyway. I used a subreport for both tables in two different detail sections and works fine. Thanks
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