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E-mail suddenly won't send

My wife and I use separate laptops, both on XP, mine using Outlook 2003 and hers using Outlook 2007. Our e-mails are sent and received via a router though our web sites which are on different web site hosts.  Both were working fine early yesterday evening. A while later, we both found at about the same time that we could receive e-mails and have Internet access, but we can't send any e-mails.
I thought it might be an odd e-mail server problem, but this morning they still don't work. I used Outlook's "test settings" for the account sending my e-mails and a second account, and both worked OK. On "send/receive" I got the test messages, but still the proper e-mails in my Outbox won't go. Outlook claims the outgoing server has timed out.
Please can anyone suggest a reason for this and how to solve it?
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Bit confused on what has generated these e-mails
Are these ones you have written or is it a website that has generated an Outlook email? (using Mailto: for instance)

Can you via the log tell whether it is sending via the correct SMTP server?
And I take it a new email generated in outlook is also failing (you may have to remove the emails from outbox first though)

Also do you have more than one account and if so, have you ensured it is sending it via the correct one?


If the test account settings works within Outlook then we can pretty much presume that your account settings are ok.  I am presuming that you are sending outbound mail via your ISP's or email hosters smtp (email) server.  If both accounts were using the same outgoing server and you lost connection to it then messages could indeed get stuck in your outbox.  To force a re-send open each message individually and remove the addresses they are being sent too, enter these again and press send.

If the messages still dont send check that outlook hasnt gone offline (file - Work offline) this should be unticked.

If all looks ok then you need to try to send some test messsages, one to yourself, one to the other account, one to a hotmail address etc.  If none of them work i would contact the company you are sending your outbound mail through (the smtp address in outlook).

Hope that helps.  With a bit more info I could probably troubleshoot more.
Hello StuartOrd,

1. Register an important send/receive library file.  Go to Start > Run and type regsvr32 inetcomm.dll

2. Check if antivirus email check is slowing sending and receiving. There could be a recent update that change your antivirus program.  Disable antivirus check of outgoing mail.

Check if other programs running in the background is interfering. Disable one at a time the Firewall, antispyware, antispam, and all Norton programs.

4. In the account settings, Advanced settings, change the server timeout time from 1 min to 5 min

5. Check if outgoing mail server authentication is required. Select that option in account settings and use same settings as incoming server

6. There could be a change from your ISP. Your ISP may be blocking port 25. Try using alternate port 587.

If no joy, you need to use your ISP SMTP server to send out emails.

7. Create a new Outlook profile.

8.  Check with email provider Tech Support to determine if server is having trouble.

Hope this helps!
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StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I now find that it's 2 separate problems - my wife's ISP had migrated servers and I needed to change her account settings. Once done, that works OK again. My problem remains. Yes, I'm sending via my web site host's smtp server, and have for several years without this problem before. I've tried your ideas:
1. Host's servers are working OK
2. Turned off firewall - no change
3. Ran regsvr32 inetcomm.dll - no change. (I don't understand what that procedure does - it said "successful" at the end)
4. Altered timeout - no change
5. Altered port from 25 to 587 - no change
6. Authentication has not changed - settings are unaltered since before the problem when the account was working OK
7. I've tested the account several times from the account setup procedure in Outlook 2003 - every time it gives 6 green ticks (looged in, checked incoming and outgoing servers, and sent a test e-mail). Every time I receive the test e-mail, saying it's from the account that won't work.
8. I've tried resending the e-mails by moving them to Drafts and resending - they go back to the outbox
9. I've tried deleting the recipient address, re-entering it and resending - same as before
10. I'm not working offline
11.I've now found that my other accounts, which are all exactly the same as the problem one, using the same e-mail settings, servers, provider etc, all work OK. Indeed I've managed to send all my stuck e-mails by altering the sending account in Outlook and they went without a hitch. However all new e-mails sent from the problem account (which is normally my default account) fail to go.
12. Not sure how a new profile would help - not had time to try it yet, will try later today.
Any further ideas welcome!
The new profile will remove any unknown corruption in old profile.

If you have not done so, delete and then recreate your account in Outlook. Try alternating username and email address for login name.
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
OK thanks. It wouldn't work this morning before I went to work, but since I came home, as soon as I tried it, it worked. I've done nothing to it, so I've no idea what was wrong. So for now at least, I'm OK again. Thanks for your help, I'll share the points.
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
Not the fault of any of the experts, but we didn't solve the problem, it seems to have solved itself. All gave good help - thanks!
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