Handheld scanner & code/software for MS SQL


We need for our stock an handheld scanner which is capable communicating with MS SQL server somehow.

- a parcel is picked together, and being loaded on a truck
- when scanning a barcode, search for particular db-record, and change status to "shipped"

IF  scanned.pack_ID exists in tblpackage.pack_ID
THEN  change tblpackage.status to "shipped"
ELSE  do nothing "error, ID does not exist"

Have no industrial longrange wireless handheld scanner yet, thinking about buying:
- Datalogic Powerscan M8300, or Motorola/Symbol LS3578

Was first thinking about a handheld pda scanner with windows CE, like the Intermec CK31. But I think a wireless handheld scanner only is more bullet-proof?!? (anyway a lot cheaper)

What's the approach? All hints/directions are welcome...
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Well, you would need to write your custom application for that task, and that might cost a good peace of money :-)

It is possible to develop a program reading barcode and comunicating with MS SQL server via WiFi for example.
joop123456Author Commented:
What I'm actually looking for is everything but custom programming... Opensource or other software brands/packages?  I can not imagine that this not existing... data is probably for 95% kept in databases.....?!? So I need some names or a start-path...
joop123456Author Commented:
Fine, custom programming. I understand, but that's the last choice.

No opensource software somewhere or similar situations?
joop123456Author Commented:
moderator please delete this question..
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